Sunday 14 December 2014

5 things us girls can learn from Lauren Conrad.

Since being ill over these past few days I've been making my way through my boxset of The Hills, and it's just made me remember how much I actually freakin' love Lauren Conrad. 
Not only is the girl my style icon, she's gorgeous, relatable and never have I seen a reality star so full of really useful, sound advice.
Lauren Conrad is Bible.
I thought I'd share a few things that the Queen of reality has taught me...

1. That love is not a 'maybe' thing.
One of her more famous quotes from The Hills - that you shouldn't be blasé about love and look at it indifferently. You know when you love someone and life's too short to be worrying about whether or not you're in the right relationship.

2. You're always going to have an ex that you'll hold feelings for.
I guess most girls can relate to Lauren's golden nugget of "There's always that one person you'll always go back to" and that's okay. For most girls, it's their first love - but remember that you've already read that book and you know how it ends. There comes a time when you need to start writing that new novel.

3. Life's tough, wear a helmet.
Lauren's words of wisdom to Audrina - and to most of the general population between the ages of 15-25. Life is tough but we've all just got to remember to roll with the punches and take it on the chin - it will eventually balance out again.

4. The concept of the 'radar'. 
Ahh, the boy radar. Lauren brought us all to the attention of the boy radar - and that every guy has one. The radar that helps exes know when we've stopped thinking about them, ergo they'll make some sort of contact. FYI, all exes have one.

5. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair.
This is true, and it's a bummer but "it is what it is and it's not always fair" - Lauren's words to Heidi about their friendship. The thing to remember about life is that even though it may not be fair, it's never boring. Make the best of the good bits and pay no mind to the bad bits - it'll all work itself out in the end.

So join me in thanking Lauren Conrad for her nuggets of wisdom that have undoubtedly helped most of us girls through some tough situations - bad friendships and relationships alike. To finish, I want to end with my favourite LC quote of all time...

I want to forgive you...and I want to forget you.

Ahh Lauren...



  1. I love her and her style! These are great things we all need to remember! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Great tips we need to remember!

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  3. I miss this show x


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