Saturday 11 October 2014

Bad Beauty Habits I just can't shake.

I love all aspects of beauty. It's my passion, my hobby and my one true love...well, other than my cat. I love my cat. 
But, I'll be honest and say that not all features of it totally excite me - and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. 
There are the ones that I really am just too lazy to do and then there are the ones that I genuinely just forget to do. 
When I actually sat back and thought about this post, there were a fair few that I managed to come up with. 
Try not to judge me too harshly.

The grand old classic - not washing my makeup brushes. I really do aim to do this on a weekly basis. My skin's not so bad that I need to think about doing it any more than that, but even this seems like an impossible task. I aim for every Sunday - but then I spend countless hours on my laptop watching Netflix and catching up on my Youtube subscriptions that the day just seems to whizz by. I have a ton of makeup brushes so it takes me a good 20/25 minutes to get through them all - 15 if I don't dawdle. Sigh. That being said, there's nothing like a freshly washed makeup brush on that early Monday morning.
Then there's that favourite - not brushing my hair as often as I should. I'm not entirely sure if you need to brush your hair everyday to keep it in good health and don't get me wrong, I do brush my hair. It's just after I've styled it, I find if I brush it it tends to frizz because it's so thick, heavy and naturally curly as it is. This may be a difficult one for me to ever get rid of completely. 
Everyone's guilty of this at some point - picking at spots/blemishes. I'm notorious for it, I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Thankfully, I've gotten much better about it since my teenage years and my skin's just starting to thank me for it...four years later. I try now to pop a little solution on it instead - like Origins Super Spot Remover or plain old Tea Tree Oil to help with decreasing it's size rather than just picking at it and making it bleed. Urgh. 
I wish I was more diligent about this - applying a base coat. I rarely apply base coats and it's because I just completely forget. Base coats prevent staining and some can even contribute to improving nail health - but still, it's always the step I seem to overlook in my nail routine. If I pick any out of this line-up, it's this one to get better at.
Rounding it up, it's - again - another one all us girls must be guilty of - an excessive use of dry shampoo. I love dry shampoo. You thick-haired girls will probably understand my impatience better - it's a nightmare to dry! I like to let mine dry naturally, which can literally take hours so I only wash my hair at night but even with a hairdryer, it can take a good 30 minutes. Aint nobody got time for that. I even buy the coloured versions so it covers my roots and saves me a little money. 
L-A-Z-Y...what does that spell?!...Lauren.



  1. I'm definitely guilty of not washing my makeup brushes! I also aim to do it on a weekly basis but I just get so lazy haha. x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  2. Definitely guilty of most of these! Especially washing my makeup brushes, I am terrible with that. Great post.



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