Monday 27 October 2014

Another much loved (however, unneeded) pair of boots.

We all know my issue with boots by now surely. I own way too many pairs. 
I was scrolling through the H&M website in search of a pair of boots I'd actually seen in store but no longer had in stock - I don't think I've ever actually mentioned where I work before, I do actually work for H&M if any of you were wondering.
Anyway, tangent. So I was scrolling and scrolling and I came across the boots I originally wanted...but then I saw these and I liked them even more. 
I'd seen Sammi from Beautycrush rocking a similar pair in her '3 Outfits, 3 Days' video - watch it here - but her's were from Urban Outfitters and nobody got time for those Urbies price tags. You feel me?
These were £29.99 and you can get them here. I get discount plus free delivery so I ended paying £22.49 in total - bargain. Also, H&M has gotten alot better about delivery times in the past year - the website ships from Sweden so by the time you got your parcel you'd forgotten what you'd ordered, but like I said, they've gotten alot quicker about it and it's only  going to get more speedy since I'm pretty sure they're setting up an online stock warehouse in the UK. Quicker delivery for everyone!
They're quickly becoming a fast favourite within my shoe collection and I find myself grabbing these more often than any of the others. They're comfy, cool and well worth the price. 

Sidenote: I really wasn't lying about that Deathly Hallows tattoo on my ankle. I really love Harry Potter that much. 



  1. Man I get so influenced by youtubers when it comes to ootd posts! I've been eyeing chunky boots with a platform and heel for the longest timeeee! Your boots look amazzzzzze ;), H&M only just opened in aus, but I don't think they offer online orders as of yet!

    t w o p l i c a t e s

    1. I love them! great for adding a bit of edginess to any outfit! I hope they set up online for you soon! :) xo

  2. I was just having a scroll through your blog and after seeing this post there was NO WAY I could not follow you! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, props to that tattoo!! Also love the boots :)

    Heather x

  3. Absolutely adore these boots! Off to get myself a pair ASAP!!

    Elish x


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