Monday 22 September 2014

The Little Things: my dressing table.

Since I've got a little more time on my hands today, I thought I'd do a post about my dressing (or vanity) table. Mine is the IKEA malm which I know, I know everyone seems to have - but for good reason guys, it's massive. It has a good sized top with a pretty spacious drawer beneath - the only annoying thing is the drawer doesn't open all the way! 
Other than the niggle with the drawer (which can be fixed if you're willing to - there's tutorials on youtube), I would highly recommend this table for all of your makeup/skincare storage purposes. 

First off, we have the right hand corner of my dressing table. This houses my perfumes and my makeup brushes. I store my brushes in these Skurar plant pots I also got from IKEA. They're super pretty, roomy and match the colour scheme of my room. I keep my perfumes on a heart shaped plate I found in Next. I know you're not meant to keep perfumes in direct sunlight, but I very rarely have my blinds pointed down this way anyways.

I keep my everyday makeup bits in this MUJI two drawer acrylic system. It makes my things easy to get to and I think it looks nicer to have your stuff out on display. I keep all of my foundations in the bottom drawer and my other everyday bits in the top drawer. I highly recommend MUJI for makeup storage and it's really reasonably priced too. I also stash most of my lippies in this acrylic lipstick holder I got from ebay. This isn't my entire makeup collection, the majority of my products live in the actual drawer because I didn't want too much going on up top - as I've previously stated, I'm not a massive fan of clutter.

I then have this second MUJI acrylic system to store all of my everyday skincare bits and bobs like my moisturisers, makeup removers, hand cream etc... I find MUJI storage very handy as it prevents the inevitable disorder that comes with being a beauty blogger. I also keep these two de-potted candles at the front to accommodate my cotton buds and cotton pads. Another genius beauty hack is de-potted candles.

I also wanted to show a quick pic of the top of my dressing table. The collage I did myself using images from tumblr and/or google and ones I had lying around. Another great thing about the Malm is it comes with a glass sheet that you lay over top of the actual table, so you can fill the underside with what you wish and I thought it would be a cool idea to put some of my favourite images under mine. The mirror is also from Wilkinsons as I have yet to mention it. It's a good size mirror that I can see the whole of my face in but doesn't take up tons of room.

Sidenote: Many apologies for the quality of these pictures. The lighting really didn't want to play ball today and I figured after what felt like the 6000th picture I should just work with what I've got.


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