Tuesday 16 September 2014

My Winter Solaces.

Aaah Winter. 
The season of late mornings and early nights, of Bonfire night and Christmas time and of wrapping up so warm you could probably cook a turkey beneath all of your layers. Winter is most definitely my favourite time of the year, when it's not (technically) compulsory to shave one's legs and it's totally acceptable to wear woolly hats indoors. It kind of seems like I'm wishing the summer away, and truth be told I guess I am, we never really get along much anyway. 

Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I'll most likely be cracking out when the days get colder.

Cosy knits - You can't beat a good snuggly jumper can you? or can you? in my world, you most definitely can't! It's warm enough that the brisk winter chill can't penetrate through and what's more stylish than a cute jumper and a pair of leather trousers paired with a great pair of boots on those nippy mornings? nothing, I tell you, nothing! Topshop do great knits as well as H&M so get stocking up.

Dark lips - Let's face it, you can rock a dark lip all year round but nothing screams 'pair me with a berry pout!' more than a winter's day ensemble. Couple those puckerers with a simple eye look and keep your outfit neutral (blacks, whites and greys)...all the more to make the lips stand out.

Candles - I am a candle fiend. Seriously, ask anyone. I have a massive addiction to candles. Candles and coats. I can go into a home-ware store and sniff every single candle just to feel satisfied, it doesn't even mean I'll buy any! and what's more cosy on a cold, winter's evening than getting home and lighting a delicious smelling candle? Candles change with the seasons so say hello to your roasting chestnuts, cinnamon and sweet orange scents come winter time. 

Dark nails - Like lipstick, nail polish can be worn all year round in any colour but I like to reserve those vampier shades for winter - at least most of the time anyway. Berry and wine hues are your go-to neutrals when it comes to winter, so invest in a good one and wear it throughout.

Winter boots - I have countless pairs of boots. They are my everyday staple and not just in the colder months. They're made to keep your feet warm whilst still giving your outfit flair. I like mine to be a touch grungy whilst still offering some sort of femininity which is why mine tend to have a heel, but you can go for whatever style suits you best. 

Don't forget about outerwear too. Winter is the time when everyone usually forgets how to incorporate colour into their wardrobe (guilty) and just because the weather gets a little more dreary doesn't mean your outfits have to, so go ahead and buy that brightly hued scarf or that patterned coat. Don't ever be afraid to go against the masses, it's always better to stand out than to blend in.

Mulled Wine anyone?



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