Friday 12 September 2014

Drugstore Haulin' # 1.

So since today was payday and I can't seem to go 24 hours without money burning a hole in my pocket I hit my local Boots and Superdrug to see what goodies they had on offer for me (both literally and metaphorically). 
I ended up spending a little more than I bargained for but in my defence, some were necessities and one was actually a re-purchase. 
Bourjois was having a BOGOHP sale at their counter so I picked up a new Healthy Mix Serum since mine is seriously on it's way out. I was really torn about picking this up and the actual Healthy Mix Foundation since I've yet to try it, but I panicked and decided to just stick to what I knew best. Wuss. Since it was Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Price, I picked up one of their Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks in the shade 07 Nude-ist. I tried it on when I got home and it is amazing. They literally feel like velvet on the lips and the pigmentation is insane, it doesn't seem to be drying either considering it's a matte finish. I'm definitely impressed so far.
I also picked up the Maybelline Color Sensational lip liner in 630 Velvet Beige. I've been looking for a more everyday lip pencil for a while and I'm pleased I came across this one, it's similar to the colour Kylie Jenner's been rocking recently and we all know how much I'm loving that. They're really long lasting too. I also grabbed one of the new Brow This Way Styling Gels from Rimmel. I got the shade Medium Blonde and it seems to be a good colour match when I tried it at home.
Now, I actually was in need of a new powder and a new body wash, so who better to look to than Soap & Glory? For the past 6/7 months or so I've not used a body wash that isn't S&G. They do them so well and for all the product you get and how long they actually last, I'd say the price tag of £6.50 is more than worth it! I picked up the Clean Girls body wash and since I'm awful at describing smells I'm just going to tell you that it contains natural vanilla fruit and orchid extracts and just to go and whiff it for yourself. Don't worry though, it smells fabulous!
I also managed to throw their One Heck of a Blot powder into my basket as well. I'd heard such rave reviews and wanted to try it so badly for myself that the £12.00 price tag kind of just went in one ear and out the other (and I was mainly thinking about the Boots points).It's definitely one of the priciest powders I've ever purchased but like I've previously get what you pay for.
Simple skincare also had an offer running - 3 for 2. I can't say no to a 3 for 2 and I did need a cleanser anyway so I picked up the Moisturising Facial Wash which is actually a really good, gentle cleanser for the mornings (which is when I use it most). I've been using Simple for years, it's the brand my mum uses because she has really sensitive skin. I don't so much but it's just a brand that's been drilled into me and I have no cause for complaint - their products are bob on at really affordable prices. I also grabbed their Deep Cleansing Face Mask which I'm yet to try out and their Age-Resisting eye cream because I needed an eye cream anyway and it's never too early to start combating those inevitable wrinkles guys!
To end, I picked up some of these Eylure Pro-lash individual lashes because I'd ran out and if you don't already know, I wear individuals on a pretty much everyday basis. They're so much more natural looking and fill in any sparse gaps your lashes may have. As you can see, I'd already whipped some on before I'd taken this picture because I just couldn't help myself. My name's Lauren and I'm a falsie addict.


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